The Demon Inside

12 03 2011




We all are destined to fight an eternal battle with our own dark side. It takes place in the realm where the scariest demons linger and attempt to destroy our pursuit of becoming a better person.

The demons are the manifestations of our phobias, past traumas, historical failure or every single memory that stings every time it’s triggered. Their fang pierces deep into our soul while their dirty fingers play with our thoughts.

The ones I face are not less ugly. I see my demon every time I look into the mirror. I can always hear it screams how ugly I look like and how I not even close to good. It’s the same demon that laughs joyously when I make mistakes and mock me when I fail to achieve something I hope and desire. Yes, the demon of perfection is indeed a persistent creature that follows my steps and refuses to stay behind.

Its brother, self-expectation, feeds from my disappointment and see the chances to strike when I keep my hopes high. Self-expectation allows me to enjoy a pseudo-happiness, takes me to euphoria, then slam me to the ground with its knee pressed hard against my chest. It lurks in my mind and dances triumphantly when I sink in depression.

We all fight our own battle in a daily basis. It’s not the matter of winning or losing. It’s about survival, keeping ourselves sane after going through every battle.


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