The So-called-Happiness

10 01 2011




I just finished reading Coelho’s “the Witch of Portobello”.  I’m always amazed by Coelho’s pieces. His words are eloquently arranged that they always take me to different levels of understanding or stir the thoughts that I sometimes forgot I have.

The Witch of Portobello talks about several important things in life: definition of sanity (almost like his other piece, Veronika Decides to Die), changes in life, society and its construction, etc.

One thing that provoked me the most was the very concept of happiness. After I read about Athena’s/Sherine’s (the main protagonist in the book) way of finding her happiness and goal in life, I started to think about how people and how I search for happiness.


Everyone has their own definition of happiness. Most people find it more convenient to follow what the society or other people’s standard of happiness. Along the way, the society becomes more aggressive and they condemn those who stray from the value they have set forth: marriage, having children, good career, famous, etc. People who are born in this world are infected by those norms and eventually forget that it’s one’s own sovereign right and full control to define what makes him/her happy. The road to “happiness” may be full of thorny bushes and blaring thunders. But one may argue that happiness can be as simple as raindrops in the middle of the day, warm fire at during cold nights, gentle kiss, friendly hug, a smile, etc. So what makes your heart leaps and scream of joy? That’s where your start to finding happiness.




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